Random Monday Afternoon

Yesterday was a pretty good day, Completly off the cuff and un planned. One of my closest friends has had an awful lot going on, but as usual she is owning the situation and soldiering on! The lady is a machine! No task is to tough for this little cookie.

We’ve not seen much of each other recently as both of us have been dealing with our own shit, but just so she knows she isn’t forgotten about, I sent her a bunch of flowers yesterday, why? Because she’s a trooper and flowers make her smile, Especially sun flowers! They turned up just as she was leaving to pick me up, I didn’t mention when we spoke what I had done so it surprised her!

I have got so much gratitude for this girl, how she’s helped me on my road to recovery has been better then any Dr. They don’t teach ya how to deal with a less abled body. Scary to think that we met in a huge ass dance music event ten years ago we were both able bodied and didn’t have a clue what was In store.

But anyway messaged and asked if I wanted to do something I had no plans, she picked me up in her new whip! A sexy black A series! Btcc shape as well just needs the body kit. Very nice car! She is Chuffed to nuts with it, and so she should be!, At this point in time she deserves something good. For everything she has endured in life, Life owes her some goodness and easy times big style!

We went to a local shopping centre and looked round for a few bits which we couldn’t find, stopped and had lunch in coast to coast, was really nice I’m just gutted I could not eat more as my eating habits are terrible at the moment.

It was just a relaxed nice afternoon, was nice to catch up and talk about life, I don’t think we were quiet for five minutes, the waitress took three attempts taking our order. 😁 But it was nice putting the world to rights with her.

Its days and moments like this that make you feel blessed to have a friendship like this with such a diamond of a human being! If I would have been asked who would be in my circle of friends ten years later when I was 21. She wouldn’t have even been in the line up! crazy how things pan out and its one of the realest friendships I have. No bullshit!

Its afternoons like that which make life worth living, when you can just switch of from day to day qualms and just switch off. When you find a friend you can do that with you it definetly proves that you are doing well!

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