Little tasks big achievements

So after a few weeks of feeling like shit I’m starting to feel slightly better, doing little tasks such as washing the car, or tidying the house has given me a slight boost in my mood. It’s just that sense of feeling that you get when you know something is done.

The weight of uni has been lifted for a brief moment, as I still have some exams and assignments to redo but I am in the process of writing up a revision and work plan. To give me some structure so I am not fumbling around “with nothing to do”

Although one thing I have found since being back at my folks house is that if white goods like tumble dryer and washing machine would be better if they were arranged differently. The ones in the laundremat at lackham are a top load washing machine and a high mounted tumble dryer. This makes life a lot easier for me as I do not have to bend over to load or unload. This has caused me a slight bit of pain at home the past few weeks, but I’m adapting.

I washed dad’s car this morning, so I had done something, got a slight little bit of tidying to do and then pick Mum and Dad up from the airport this evening as they are due home from bali.

One thing I’ve noticed is that when I’m low I tend to have goto music which I listen to, Scroobius pip is one of the main artists I will listen and also Sage Francis. Both spoken word artists with lyrics that I can relate to.

You will see me by scroobius pip is such a powerful track. Turning negativity into positivity. As I said in my last post only I can change my situation.

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