I fucking love to cook. I’m a fussy enough eater as it is so when I do cook something. It has to be something that I’m gonna enjoy.

During a low I don’t eat much unless I have the munchies. In a way its a good thing because it means that I am going to eat something. I have been living off of take away the past ten days or so. But I actually done an online shop for the first time so I have food in the house. At first I was thinking about just having sausage chips and beans, but then I remember I have got some veggies in like sweet potato parsnip carrot cabbage etc so I’m thinking of doing a medley of roast vegetables and cabbage. Hmmm decisions. One thing I don’t like about cooking is cooking for one as there is always too much left over that I won’t eat reheated.

I’m gonna cook a cake tomorrow chocolate and white chocolate because it sounds pretty good. I might just save the veg and have sausage chips and beans it will cooked a lot quicker and I have a roast tomorrow……. 🤔 Choices choice choices.

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