Status update

Not blogged for a while now had quite a bit going on. Firstly pain is getting the better of me at the moment and limiting what I can do.

I have had to walk out of lectures because I couldn’t sit there. I’ve had my medication upped whilst trying to come off one that I don’t think is working.

Sooner the spinal cord stimulator is fitted the better. But I am struggling on as much as I can.

The snow that we had was nice it meant I was stuck at lackham for the weekend but it looked amazing

I made sure to put food out for the birds I could watch from my window whilst doing my assignment.

Also got a bollacking for “joy riding” where I stay for playing in the snow in my car. But it was worth it. There is rumours that was are supposed to get some more this weekend.

Uni has been going alright, my assignments are getting better and a lot easier to write. I sat in on a board meeting with Bath uni on Wednesday that seemed to have gone well and was good for character building.

I’ve been back wards and forwards between Southampton and lackham recently due to my nan being ill. I will write another blog about that soon, as it deserves its own blog.

Although I feel like I should have more to say in this one I really don’t have much at the moment. It’s strange I have quite a bit going on but finding it hard to write about.

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