Coming back to digs.

Even though I’m on lodging in halls this is my batcave, I’ve gone from being at home where there are no rule to being here where its run like a prison in some respect.

But this place is comfortable, I’ve got everything I need within reach. No stairs to go up and down and a wet room. Got so much room for activities.

At my parents house I have £1200 orthopedic bed yet I sleep better here in a single bed with two mattresses. Memory foam one acts like a topper.

My TV is positioned in the perfect place and I have my ergonomic equipment. Its nice to have somewhere to escape to like this.

It is a proper man cave, I’d be happy living in a 1 bedroom place like this. But that has to come around at later date but it’s on the goals and to do list. Need to get my operation out of the way first.

I think I will stay in these halls next year given the opportunity just because it is convenient to everything up here. Plus I can be in Southampton in an hour and bit, traffic can cause delays though.

Like I’ve got to travel back Wednesday because, I forgot the power lead to my android box and my laptop so big oops there I should be able to fly up and back quick enough.

I really need to unpack but it is late and I am hoping to go into the workshop in the morning instead of after noon.

Just so that I can work on my 3d project which is a pedal box but thinking of designing it to have a hand clutch. Who knows may even get patented. (that a bucket list dream. To have something patented and own the rights to it).

I have to say I really enjoyed my stay in Southampton. Getting round to see everyone I needed and wanted to was great. Especially seeing a couple of people who I haven’t seen in a few months.

What was nice is that I have had my door knocked quite a few times this night as people wanted to see me. See how my break was etc. Being the old dog on campus isn’t such a bad thing after all.

Being the oldest male student on site is pretty strange but I must be getting an alpha status as my hair is turning silver. Like a gorilla 🦍 😂

Can’t believe it I’m nearly 31 and my hair is getting natural silver highlights. Joys of being old I suppose.

Two of the younger lads wanted to smoke with me but I am not risking my degree and digs for a joint. I have ways and means of taking medicine discreetly.

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