Heroes have blonde hair and wear Dr Martin boots.

When something changes your life dramatically be it personal or to a loved one close. Humans act differently.

Yesterday I witnessed something truly amazing. A very good friend of mine who is fighting her own battles at this time, took time out to help a complete stranger in a car park.

I was moved by seeing this and it has made me think about it since. Its not my place to say what’s going on in her life. But last time I saw her she was on crutches and now she is persevering (probably painfully) and doing her best to not need them.

To see her pushing a store worker in a wheelchair to her vehicle was incredible. Everything she is dealing with yet still she has time and effort to help this lady.

Wow, what a thing to do. When someone can go out of thier way to do something like that for someone else was incredible. In a world full of darkness there are still some good eggs out there.

Using a chair is still very new to me there have only been a few occasions that I have given into stubbornness and opted for it. But in this incredible ladies life she hasn’t always had that option. So I reckon she knew what this random act of kindness would mean to the woman in the wheelchair.

Even though she was battling things herself she doesn’t not once hesitate to help others. Shit I wouldn’t be adapting and overcoming my problems if it wasn’t for her! She has always been there to help.

Everyone’s journey through life is different and not always easy. But when someone battling so much can do something like that it is truly special. It just shows that not everyone in this life is not self absorbed and will put others in front of herself.

She should feel very humble for all she has accomplished and still has an amazing “can do” attitude which nothing seems impossible to her. The world would be a much better place where there more people who thought the same way!

Nowadays people tend to be so wrapped up in their own lives that they become self absorbed and not see the world around them. People are just so busy nowadays! This has never been the case with this kind natured soul!

From providing comfort the night before an operation to helping a stranger in a parking lot. This little superhero does her best to do right in this life! Real hero’s don’t wear capes and masks they have blonde hair and wear Dr Martins!

Random acts of kindness changing the world baby steps at a time is what this day and age needs. If 9/10 people had as much Compassion for others as what she shows for strangers there would be no bitterness or hate for others. Sadly though it’s not the case.

I’m not going to say I’m perfect because I’m not. I’m guilty of being self absorbed and not seeing the bigger picture.

When I used to walk to Bitterne with my Mum from a young age, I noticed she would always say good morning to strangers. I asked why one day and she replied “because you do not know if you are going to be the only person that they speak to today”.

This has stuck with me and is a trait I keep today. Older gentlemen will always stop for a chat and ask how I ended up on crutches and will result in a conversation. For me sometimes, I was the person that the only person I spoke to that day was a stranger in the street.

Thinking back to how something so small can mean so much to someone is what makes us human. We are force fed the world through a picture box that hangs on the wall. It’s not always the nice bits either. If you look hard enough though you can see past the shitty bits to only filter through the good.

Being able to distinguish and notice these little acts of generosity and care prove that you have matured in life and have good ethics in life.

Acting on them though isn’t just mature, it paves the way to enlightenment. If you can find the time to go out of your way to help someone then you should feel humble that in a world full of pain and hurt there is a little spark of goodness in you that is more priceless then any rare metal or stone.

Writing this has made me think back on an album and song I listened to back in the day when I wore my significant other hoodie and my red Yankees cap . It was pointed out in an assembly at school one day and didn’t ring home till I got older.

That song was “open your eyes” by Staind. A very overlooked band in my oppinion. It hasn’t been till I’ve gotten older and relistened that Aaron Lewis’ lyrics have really made sense.

So next time you find yourself in position where you have to ask what would you do if it was you? Just do! That gesture may just change someone’s day and restore faith to someone in a world full of bitterness and pain.

Be like this little superhero!

OK so Hit Girl from kick ass has purple hair in her costume. But It’s the only fictional hero I could compare this one too!

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