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Valentines Day

So today we celebrate the stoning of the great Saint Valentine. So in his honour, I am going to get stoned. A man who chose death because of the lady that he loved.

Today is one of those days that is always blown out of proportion and everyone on Facebook is trying to outdo each other on what they have got their partners. What about when you do not have a partner? What about these souls on this day?

Well, I and a few of my friends have a tradition we go and see the latest Marvel film. Got free 3d glasses, got to queue jump the ticket line because I am on crutches, my free carer ticket went to waste because one mate did not turn up but less said about the drama behind that the better.

Black Panther is an amazing film I would recommend it to anyone, great cast and storyline and it was aimed at an adult audience. Not Deadpool standard but was awesome.

I went and saw a friend who returned from Cambodia at the weekend this morning before going and had a good catch up I now have a piece of wood that is rarer than diamonds (so I am told) and some energy sachets, whether or not I drink them is a different story.

Today should not just be about as this lovey-dovey bullshit but be about spending time with those close and who are cared about.

I sent a friend of mine a card she knew it was me who sent it even though it was signed anonymously, she also has a gift in the post which was hit or miss whether it would turn up today or not. But something to make her smile at this time. She is Diamond lady!

Yeh, it would be nice to be doing the romance stuff, but what makes this day different to any other apart from everything rising in price for 24 hours. Make it not about material possessions or expensive meals. But about letting those who mean something to you know that they do.

One day of the year should be all year round if you are in the position to do so. yeah, February 14th is a so-called occasion, but it means as much as steak and blowjob day on March 14th. It is just a label on a day.

If people mean something to you let them know all year round not just one day of the year!


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