One in a Million

Let’s rewind ten years to my 21st I was in a relationship with a girl lets call her C, not because just she was just the see you next Tuesday type but it was the initial of her name.

We had planned to go to a rave in Bournemouth, It being my birthday and especially my 21st I wanted to get right on it. We went to town that morning and bought some clothes and went back to the flat. She wanted to sleep in the afternoon so I went to shoot a few frames of snooker with my friend Stevie. Anyway, we had a few beers and I returned slightly tipsy (had 8 pints……) to get ready. She was not impressed. So we got ready and headed to goblets to meet her friends.

She was pissed at me anyway and basically told me to fuck off whilst she wandered off with some other guy with her friends. leaving me to my own devices I ended up meeting up with people I knew but she was just being a knob. She told me to go find some ecstasy so I did and I couldn’t find so I had the five pills which made her even angrier. So I just walked around and done my own thing I had a whale of a time in my own little bubble it was great.

Enough about C though this isn’t about her. This is the night I found a diamond amongst the rough. Little did I know that I was going to meet someone who would change and impact my life so much the past few years. She is still in my life ten years later!

I was into getting photos with people and posting on don’t stay in. A website that people uploaded photos from events to and having a new Sony camera phone I wanted to get as many snaps as I could.

I was wondering through the hardcore room and I think it was Darren Styles’ set. Across the room, I spotted two very pretty ladies. They liked my blue hair and SpongeBob t-shirt. So we were chatting and it turned out they lived in the same city Southampton.

Anyways we shared some photos had a chat then I bopped off on my happy little way. Now fast forward a few months I ended up seeing her in Town and we chatted again had some more photos taken. Not gonna lie I fancied the pants off of her but little did I know she would become one of my favourite friends and would help make me the stronger person I am today! Let us Call her F!

Through the years we had shared the occasional conversation a hi here and there.

As I have mentioned in the previous blog I had my accident. Cue me the night before my operation scared I may never walk again. I needed some support. Now I know she has been absolutely bossing her disability. So I asked her for advice and she was there for me a scared 27-year-old awaiting spinal surgery. I couldn’t thank her enough that night!

From that budded one the most unique friendships I have to this day. Even though she was going through her own things she was always there to help with moral support and even pushing me to become stronger. The days went on and they turned into months and then years.

She has a massive heart! always there to offer support. If it wasn’t for her help I wouldn’t be receiving the help I get at the moment and doing this university course. I would have to say Her and my Mum are the strongest Woman I know……Fact! Both Very Tough Ladies.

F deserve so much credit for what she does and what she achieves, nothing stops her doing most things anyway. I wish everybody could have a friend like her because I treasure her as my friend.

Even in a world of technology we even go old school and send cards and letters. I’ve sent her flowers on many occasions just for being amazing and helping me. She deserves them too for being that one in a million friend.

I really do not what I would have done without since my life-changing accident she is an inspiration!

Have I gone mad?

I am afraid so, You are entirely bonkers

but let me tell you a secret. All The best people are!


2 thoughts on “One in a Million”

  1. Sometimes friendships are found in the strangest of places, but it’s those people that make the biggest impact on our lives. You have probably never realised but every time she has helped you and been there for her it has helped her stay strong too. Blue hair and a sponge bob t-shirt is definitely an everlasting memory and it sounds like it was one hell of a night! Always be yourself no matter what others think of you, they obviously aren’t worth being in your life and by the sounds of it, C lost out!!
    “There’s a place. Like no place on earth. A land full of wonder, mystery and danger! Some say to survive it, you need to be as mad as a hatter. Which luckily I am.”


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