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Fly High Blue My Bestest Feathered Friend

I received a phone call from my Dad, unfortunately, it was bad news. My mum’s budgie called Blue suffered a stroke yesterday and had to be put down today. I am not going to lie but it has left me slightly heartbroken.

Growing up we never really had any pets and it has hit me really hard. I was his best mate he would go mental when he could hear my door open in my room or coming through the front door and wouldn’t be quiet till I had said hello to him and made a fuss. (I am trying to hold back the tears as I write this)

I taught him how to whistle and say hello boy or cheeky boy if I was playing Xbox in the front room he could come and sit on my hand and bash the controller with his beak. Even if heard my voice on the phone I mum would have to put it on loudspeaker so he could hear me say hello to him.

I used to put my hand inside of his cage and he would sit on my finger ringing his bell, or we would play a sort of tennis knocking the bell to each other. He was such a dippy bird but so well behaved. He would never try and escape the front room door either and would make a commotion until it was closed. Bless him.

He didn’t like bath time and was quite a timid bird. it would take him a few weeks before he would get used to new objects in his cage. Mum or I would put an old curtain over his cage at night and he knew it was bed time. he would hop onto his perch and say “good night”.

In the mornings mum had about half hour of being up before she would uncover him and you could hear him whispering “good morning” or “hello boy what you doing”. (my eyes are fully leaking now). I tried to teach him how to make R2D2 noises and he was getting there.

I used to love how we used to play games with his bells in the cage he knew what to do and would get it tangled in his toys so you had to get them untangled and he would do it again.

He would also do this thing where he would jump perch to perch setting off every bell that he would be doing little spins along the way like he was showing off. he could get his foot up and kick the bell like a kid with a football does.

It took me a long time to gain his confidence to stroke him on the belly but I got there, in the end, his feathers were always so soft and he was always so warm. I used to have to chase him around the cage to clean him with a spray bottle. (god I am full on blubbing now).

I never thought I would have the relationship with a budgie like a man does with a dog. But he lived a good life he was always happy. You could see it in his cheeks and beak that he was smiling.

I remember one night I was sleeping on the sofa and had my alarm set and he slept out of the cage on a light and you should have seen him jump when the alarm went off the poor little guy.

One of his favourite places to sit in the front room was on my Gramps’s photo which he would do kisses on with his beak. Then he would dive bomb my mum and try to land on her head or start picking at her kindle case with his beak.

It has truly broken my heart losing him I just wish he could have held on a week longer or I had gone home at the weekend. But I cannot help these factors so no point kicking myself over them. I spoke to him on the phone Saturday as he was making a commotion when he heard it was me. So I feel blessed in a way.

I really loved that budgie. Could not have asked for a better budgie.

Fly high Blue, I will see you again in a few years time. He is probably sat up there right now on my Gramps’ finger watching over with my Gamps saying to him what a soft sod I am.

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