How I Got My Disability

After being made disabled by an industrial accident in 2014 life has gotten a whole lot harder. I was on a contract in Grafenwhor, Germany when I was struck by a HMMVW M998 (which is a humvee variant). I was moving parts to and from the armoury to the tank park. I had to ground guide the vehicle across the tank park and my colleague who had been working three days solid rolled over my leg and shunted me in the lumbar area of the back.

I was taken to Weiden medical centre and had an x-ray on my back and leg and no broken bones were found. I returned back to work with painkillers and was put on light duties and told to stay out of the way. More than likely to stop people asking questions as Carl wasn’t licensed to be driving the vehicle.

I was moved onto a different contract after this as I wanted to be able to work on other contracts in the middle east so carried on taking my painkillers and drinking in the evenings but was getting severe cramps and pain still in my leg and foot.  about 5/6 weeks into the contract I couldn’t walk. I was sent home from work and saw a Dr every day for 3 weeks for injections for the pain. I was sent to see a chiropractor who could not manipulate my leg without causing a lot of pain so was then sent for a x-ray which showed nothing as it was only imaging the bone.

I was still in a lot of pain so was sent for an MRI scan which showed that the disc between L4/L5 vertebrae. This was pushing onto the nerve in my left leg and prohibiting movement of my left ankle which I still cannot rotate to this day. I am still using crutches to mobilize because of the damage caused to left leg’s nerve.  I managed to get an emergency appointment with a neurosurgeon who told me that I required surgery to remove the disc.

All good and well apart from the fact I was living in a hotel and had recently been sacked by the company I was working for when I asked for the accident report from the day I got run over.  To this day it never appeared and I never got any compensation. anyway, I was flown home and went to Southampton General Hospital where I was admitted straight away as I had my MRI scans in hand and surgery was carried out days after.

Over the next two years, I was given numerous courses of physiotherapy and a course of hydrotherapy, along with counselling (which was like banging my head against a brick wall). I have consumed thousands of tablets and pills meant for pain relief, antidepressants, sleeping tablets and laxatives. My inside organs must be knackered from the amount consumed.

I was discharged from NHS services it seemed like no one wanted to help me until I was on the verge of suicide and was informed of a very good pain Dr out of my catchment area But I requested to be seen by this pain clinic as the one I had seen before just told me its all in my head and they will not do anything to fix me. It took a couple of months to be seen but I was eventually. that appointment made it feel like I had a huge weight lifted off my shoulders as for the first time in two years someone wanted to help me.

Fast forward to 2018 and I am awaiting an operation to have a spinal cord stimulator fitted to help combat the pain that I am in.


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